GELSYN-3 utilizes biofermentation technology
for the next generation HA.

HA Discovered From Bovine Extract
1940's & 1950's
Extraction from Animal Sources
1960's & 1970's
First uses in Medicine
1990's & 2000's
Avian-derived HA to market
Advanced Biofermentation Technology

GELSYN-3 is committed to advancing the benefits of HA therapy.

  • Fully automated production methods virtually eliminates contamination and human error1
  • Low level of impurities, including proteins and bacterial endotoxins2
  • GELSYN-3 is a biofermentative form of HA, and may diminish the risk of allergies and sensitivities
  • Bacterial fermentation of Streptococcus groups A and C is safe and non-genetically modified3 (non-GMO)1